GAM is now Part of the GHIN Network

GHIN Network

The Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) rang in the New Year by joining some 85 state and regional golf associations nationwide and becoming part of the USGA’s GHIN Handicap System. The adoption of GHIN is in keeping with the USGA’s plans to establish a World Handicap Index by 2020.

Many GAM members who have memberships in Florida, Texas, Arizona and the like are already familiar with the GHIN score posting app and GHIN software. As we approach the start of the Michigan golf season, here are some answers to common questions that GAM members may need to know with regards to score posting and handicap calculation:

Q: Will I keep my user name and password to log into the GAM web site?

A: Yes, you will log into as you always have, but when you go to POST SCORE things will look a little different. Please check the GAM YouTube channel to see an instructional video on score posting.

Q: If I already had a GHIN number through another association, will I now have two GHIN numbers?

A: You shouldn’t. If you had a GHIN number with another association and your handicap index records were previously linked or if you notified the GAM before Dec. 31 that you had a GHIN number with another state association, your GHIN number should be the same. If you find that you do have two different GAM numbers, please email your information to

Q: What if I make a mistake when I post my score?

A: You will not be able to edit your own score once it is posted. However, an administrator from your home club will be able to make the proper changes.

Q: Will we be able to post scores via the GHIN app?

A: Yes, in addition to posting via or the kiosk at your home club, you will be able to use the GHIN app which can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore or Apple iTunes. If you already use the app to post your out-of-state scores, those scores will not post to your GAM handicap record as well.

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By Susan Smiley

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