Any car mechanic will tell you that the key to a smooth ride in any kind of automobile, regardless of the vehicle’s sticker price, is a good set properly balanced and aligned tires.

That same theory applies to golfers, as well.

Regardless of the quality of your golf clubs and the rhythm of your swing, it’s important to have a solid foundation, when you step foot on any golf course, which starts with the right kind of socks.

If you don’t take care of your feet, then your chances of registering a good score are negatively impacted. The gold standard for golf socks starts and finishes with the Fairway edition of Gold Toe Golf Socks.

I have never seen the amount of attention to detail given to a single piece of athletic apparel, in this case, the golf sock. In addition to being lightweight, the AquaFX® Moisture Control technology wicks away moisture keeping your feet as cool, dry, and comfortable on the 18th green, as they were on the 1st tee.

Gold Toe Golf Socks have a comfort tab located on the Achilles tendon, called the “Y Heel” reinforcement, in addition, cooling mesh panels on the forefoot, provide arch support.

Gold Toe’s extensive experience with sock technology eliminates any sock issues. They never bunch up, become loose or are a distraction from your golf game.

Colors range from white to a mixture of light and dark color combinations to assure that you look as good, as your feet feel.

After golf, it’s time to transition to the comfortable, colorful and durable Clubhouse edition of Gold Toe Golf Socks. A longer sock for more formal occasions, they are available in a variety of argyle color combinations.  Spandex, throughout the sock, provides the perfect feel and fit.

The Clubhouse edition has the same reinforced toe to improve comfort just like the Fairway edition.

Visit your nearest pro shop and try a comfortable, as well as, functional, pair of Golf Toe Fairway or Clubhouse socks for yourself.

If you like to shop from the comfort of your home or office, visit:

One of the ways to lower scores and improve your game is to eliminate any distractions while you are on the course. Gold Toe Golf Socks will caress your toes, as well as, enhance your comfort level and enjoyment on the golf course.

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