Student-Teacher Video Communications

Student-Teacher Video Communications

When a golfer cannot meet with their instructor in person as often as they’d like, the next best option seems to be the technology of video sharing through ‘the cloud’ with the V1 Golf app, a winner of Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for ‘Best Swing Analyzer’ two consecutive years.

With the V1 app on your cell phone or i-Pad a teacher and student can share videos of the golfer’s swing in between the face-to-face lessons, providing opportunity for the instructor to share analysis and suggestions through voiceover, text, email or even telestrator drawings on the video.

“I think being able to have that access, offsite to your teacher, is the most beneficial thing for the student,” said Jordan Young, one of Michigan top teachers.

Not a year has gone by since 2009 where Young hasn’t won some type of Michigan or national teaching, mentoring or player development award – including 2012 Michigan PGA Teacher of the year and 2015-17 Golf Digest list of ‘Best Teachers in Your State’ list. He is based out of the incredible Fox Hills Learning Center in Plymouth.

The technology allows a full-time instructor of Young’s caliber, or a part-time teacher who is mobile and doesn’t have a home base, to communicate even more with their students. A ‘locker room’ of data and their videos are stored in the cloud for each student to access – via the phone app or online connection – for review at any time.

“It’s always there, it’s personalized, it doesn’t go anywhere,” Young said of each golfer’s content. “We host it. You don’t have to download it or walk out (of a lesson) with a disc. We can keep adding video, ah-ha moments, trigger points there might be. It’s visual, it’s auditory and it’s a really nice refresher.”

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